Interactive Dyanmic Media Solutions and Consulting

E-interactive provides dynamic media solutions and consulting service to clients who communicate with their customers online and mobile.


About us



E-interactive builds the products you base your online business. We develope new application and technologies that drive entire online businesses.

Online Media Delivery

We develop solutions for a wide range of sites including online courseware site, social networking site and e-commerce sites.


Cultural Understanding

We bring this unique cultural understanding to the table on every project, keeping in mind the multiple perspectives from user experience.

How can we help your online business?

Strategic Planning

Intergration of Online and Offline Marcomm Efforts

Interactive Media Solutions

Innovative and Functional Solutions

Management and Maintenance

Continued Post Production Support

What we do

From design to engineering


Strategic Planning

  • Identification of marketing goals
  • Enhanced messaging and brand identity development
  • Development of interactive campaign strategies
  • Customized online user experience centered around target audience
  • Metrics: Data collection and analysis
  • Trend analysis/leveraging latest innovative technologies
  • Interaction with current marketing strategies


Interactive Media Solutions

HTML5 Websites
HTML5 Mobile
iOS / Android Apps
Social Media Integration
Video Streaming
Web Service Based Applications
Contact Management
Email Broadcasting
SMS Services
Web Enable Legacy Applications
Bridge Applications
Online Voice Services


Management and Maintenance

Techincal support for applications
Part time and full time website management
Web server system administration

Case Studies

For over 18 years, our digital agency has delivered the web technology marketing expertise to differentiate and grow complex project-based and service businesses.  We look forward to helping your business succeed.

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